PreK Learning and Fun

PreKindergarten, an Age, where learning is more fun, and kids, learn new skills while playing. A blend of art and play to engage the kids and get in the rhythm

Kindergarten Rocks

Kindergarten is the first formal class when children are exposed to a structured educational environment. Teachers and parents need a great degree of focus and planning to hand-hold the tiny tots to succeed. 

Grade 1 let the learning Begin

Wealth of worksheets for first Grade across vocabulary, word family, letters, and math concepts. Printable high-quality reading worksheets in the word pattern, picture cards, word cards, phonics, word list, and comprehension to improve vocabulary and spelling skills

Grade 2 Wonderful Start

2nd Grade worksheets in word family, English, and math. Reading worksheets in word patterns, word cards, phonics, word list, and comprehension improves reading, vocabulary, and spelling skills.