Hi KidzeZone,I’ve just discovered your

Hi KidzeZone,

I’ve just discovered your website and think it’s brilliant! I love the short reading passages based on various sounds.
I’m trying to download the Zail the Snail simple story but The Mail story in linked twice! Could this be amended so that the Zail the Snail story can be downloaded?

Thank you so much,


Caoimhe Nic Aoidh

Super creative n v innovative

Super creative n v innovative way to improve kids written work n drawing skills …

Ena Agarwal

Great Teacher

Chhavi is awesome teacher and works really hard on handwriting. My 3 kids are going to her class and we see a lot of improvement in the handwriting.

Jasjit Kaur

Write nicely and neatly with confidence

Thanks to Ms Chhavi for teaching my 5th grade son and helping him become confident in writing neatly and nicely. Before coming to try this class, he used to rush in his homework to produce a messy worksheet. Ms Chhavi evaluated him and created a customized curriculum based on his weekly progress. He gradually improved in both format and speed, and we are both proud of the outcome. I would recommend this class to any kids who are bothered by messy handwriting.

J. Hu

Friendly, Creative, Disciplined and Organized… We miss Chhavi Maam

Chhavi is a great teacher. She is very friendly and creative. Besides, she is very organised and disciplined which helps children themselves to be organised and disciplined.

My children miss Chhavi maams art classes.


Your are the best teacher

Your are the best teacher…

Anna mehra

Nurturing and a fine Teacher

Ms. Chhavi is a friendly and talented woman who loves Art and teaches very well.
We have been very happy with her ,the way she works with kids and helps bring out their best .
Detail oriented and nurturing.
She ensures positive encouragement and helps kids do their best.
Our daughter’s art work got so much appreciation and we seen Ms. Chhavi classes have helped her


Teacher and friend

A teacher, a mentor, and a great friend – Chhavi takes her work very seriously. My daughter loved her from the first day and always looked forward to her classes. She takes a holistic approach to teaching art. So naturally she takes a keen interest in the overall growth of the child. This drew us to her school in the first place and this is why my daughter loves her so much. I highly recommend her!!

Anuradha Gopalakrishnan

Chhavi is a great teacher.I

Chhavi is a great teacher.I really appreciate your dedication. She is very friendly and creative. Thank you Chhavi.


Friendly and talented teacher to my daughter

Chavi mam has been a wonderful, friendly and talented teacher to my daughter. She has a way with kids and they love to attend her classes.
The worksheets that they provide are very helpful and easy to adapt to.
Kids enjoy doing these and learn a lot in the process!
Keep up the good work Mam.
All the best to Kidzezone.👍

Sherry Wadhwa

Best coach!

Our daughter attended handwriting classes with Chhavi. Her handwriting improved drastically and it almost looked like something printed with computers. She is more confident about writing. Chhavi is very organized with her worksheets and teaching methods. It is very difficult to conduct disciplined classes which are also fun! Chhavi does this perfectly, Thank you Chavi!

Vijayakumar S

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