Grade 2 Skip Counting Worksheets

Counting numbers is an important learning skill in early education. Skip counting is an integral part of improving number concepts for children. Skip counting is practiced by skipping numbers by one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. Skip counting practice is done with forward and backward counting and variations with starting numbers as odd and even. Kidzezone brings an expanding collection of over 100 Grade 2 Skip Counting worksheets with guided instructions for structured learning. Worksheets are created with various number sets and exciting exercises. Kidzezone brings an exhaustive and handy resource for parents, teachers, and students to introduce practice and master math concepts.
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Testing counting patterns with skip counting worksheets helps children in building addition, multiplication, and recognizing patterns. These worksheets make learning skip count fun and simple as kids practice while connecting the dots, writing numbers, and counting objects. Download free PDF printable worksheets and follow the instructions to complete the exercise in the suggested time.