Glass Jar Coloring Fun Worksheet

Glass Jar coloring worksheet. Glass Jars with a tight lid are excellent containers to keep dry and liquid. Check out at least 2 things in your house stored in a Glass Jar container.. Hint - check for pickles, preservatives, jams, honey and more.. Download this Jar numbered coloring worksheet. Check the number coloring pattern and fill it with your creativity. Coloring pages are a wonderful activity to encourage kids to express their creativity. Coloring also helps to learn about colors and honing fine motor skills.  

Glass Jar Number Coloring Fun Worksheet

Download “Jar Number Coloring Fun Worksheet”

Glass-Jar-Number-Coloring-Fun-Worksheet.pdf – Downloaded 470 times – 148.29 KB

Time needed: 30 minutes

Download and color Glass Jar using number pattern

  1. Color the Jar using crayons or pencil colors.

  2. Complete the full picture with matching colors