Crossword Puzzle Worksheets

Solving a crossword puzzle is a fun activity for all age groups. Crossword is a popular word search game to find words using given clues. Solving crosswords also helps kids learn new words and establish meaning from a broader usage context. It is fun to exercise your brain and get the grey cells working. A crossword takes the form of a square or rectangular grid with squares to enter one letter at a time. The goal is to fill all empty squares by entering one letter and completing the word based on the clue. Use pictures or phrase clues to find the answer word. Write answer words left-to-right or top to bottom. Sometimes, hint answers are available at the bottom of the page for reference.

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Kidzezone brings incredible crosswords, including animals, places, vegetables, characters, and much more. The game gets interesting as additional clues emerge in the crossword as one enters more answers. Solving a crossword puzzle helps kids learn new words, increases vocabulary, and improves cognitive skills. Put your safari hats and find animals from all around the world! Find below several crossword puzzles for your favorite animal and see how much you know about it.