Cutting and Pasting Fun – Bear with muffler

Get ready with exciting cutting and pasting activity to create a baby bear wearing a hat. In this worksheet children are encouraged to cut various parts of a bear and paste them in correct sequence. Bears have excellent sense of smell and are adept runners, climbers, and swimmers. Bears are famous for long periods of hibernation during winter. In this activity, Kids become familiar with Bear body parts and improve recognition.  Click the button below the image to download the worksheet. Bundle of two sheets, one for cutting and second for pasting activity.

Cut and Paste Activity with a Bear wearing pink muffler

Download “Bear wearing a muffler Cutting and Pasting Activity”

Cut-and-Paste-Fun-Bear-3.pdf – Downloaded 567 times – 733.06 KB

Time needed: 30 minutes

Cutting and Pasting Activity with Standing Bear with a muffler

  1. In the Bear worksheet, use kid scissors carefully to cut each part and put them separately.

  2. Use the second pasting worksheet and using glue, paste one part at a time starting with the largest part

  3. Paste all body parts to complete the Bear. Have fun.