Star Fish Cutting and Pasting Fun

Get ready with exciting cutting and pasting activity and learn more about a star fish. Starfish is a star-shaped marine creature. They typically have a central disc and usually five or more arms giving it shape similar to a star. They are brightly coloured in shades of red or orange, blue, grey or brown. In this worksheet children are encouraged to cut the starfish along the dotted lines into multiple parts paste them in correct sequence to recreate the starfish. Kids become familiar with starfish and also improve their visual recognition. Download activity worksheet which is a bundle of two sheets. Sheet one for cutting and second for pasting activity.

Star Fish Cutting and Pasting Fun

Download “Starfish Cutting and Pasting Fun”

Cutting-and-Pasting-Fun-Star-Fish.pdf – Downloaded 730 times – 682.45 KB

Time needed: 30 minutes

Cutting and Pasting Activity with brightly colored starfish

  1. In the starfish cut and paste worksheet, use kid scissors carefully to cut multiple parts and put them separately.

  2. Use the second pasting worksheet and using glue, paste one part at a time starting in numbered sequence

  3. Paste all parts to bring alive the starfish. Have fun.