Find Opposite Fun Worksheet 10

Opposite worksheets are fun ways for concepts practice, improving vocabulary, and learning expressive language usage. Opposite worksheets have several labeled flashcards, and kids are encouraged to find the correct opposite for a word or an expression. The game helps students understand the word's right meaning and associated adjectives interactively. Download Opposite Fun Worksheet #10 and cut six creative flashcards. Play games by having students guess the correct opposite using the pictures.

Find the Opposite Flash Cards

Download “Find the Opposite Worksheet #10”

Find-the-Opposite-Flash-Card-10.pdf – Downloaded 664 times – 384.20 KB

Time needed: 20 minutes

Antonyms or Opposite worksheets, help kids improve word association, vocabulary, and memory skills.

  1. Download the worksheet and cut the flash cards

  2. Show the first picture to the student, and hide the label from the corresponding opposite picture.

  3. Have students guess the antonym or the opposite word.

  4. Repeat the exercise with the cards in sequence or in any random format

  5. Get creative to have students guess both the words with just the pictures visible... Have fun..