Letter J Super Smart Worksheet

Letter J Super Smart Worksheet brings a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills, proper letter formation, and improve hand-eye coordination. A multi-activity Letter J worksheet with Tracing, Writing, Find and Match, Drawing and letter hunting activities all in a single worksheet. Print the Letter J Super Smart worksheet and have kids learn letters in a fun way.

Letter J Super Smart Tracing, Writing, Drawing and Activity Worksheet

Download “Letter J Super Smart Worksheet”

Letter-J-Super-Smart-Worksheet.pdf – Downloaded 464 times – 385.26 KB

Time needed: 20 minutes

Letter J Fun Activities in Reading, Tracing, Writing, Matching, and Letter Hunting

  1. Download the worksheet and get a print. Get a sharpened pencil to trace any dotted lines.

  2. Learn Letter Tracing and then write Letter J in lower case and upper case

  3. Find Letter H in the Letter Jungle

  4. Connect the words starting with Letter J with the right pictures

  5. Draw any picture starting with the letter J (Jar, Jacket )... anything you find fun