Letter G Worksheets

Letter G is a consonant that makes a short and quick sound. The letter G makes the /guh/ sound [hard g sound /g/] as in dog, fog. The letter G makes the /juh/ [soft g sound /j/] sound as in gel. When the letter G is combined with the letter D, it sounds like /j/ as in edge. G is part of the 'gh' digraph that can make the /g/ sound like in ghost. The /f/ sound as in rough. In 'ng' digraph, which makes the hard sound as in finger, the soft sound as in change, or the combined sound (the most common) as in sing. Letter G is sometimes silent as in gnat or gnaw. When the letter G is followed by 'e' or 'i', it sometimes has the soft sound /j/ (as in gem or giraffe). Kidzezone Letter G worksheets provide a great resource to practice and learn the letter G along with its sound.

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Learn and practice alphabet G with the help of reading, pre-writing, writing, and activity worksheets. Learn correct formation of letter G, letter recognition, letter G tracing, letter matching, upper case to lower case, letter G writing, coloring, and much more amazing Kindergarten and PreK letter G worksheets.