Letter H Worksheets

Letter H is a consonant that makes a short and quick sound. The letter H usually makes /huh/ as in hen, hat, hip. The letter H sound is sometimes observed silently as in ghost, hour. Letter H forms many diagraphs as when, she, the, and many more. Kidzezone Letter H Worksheets provide a fantastic resource for kids to practice, learn, and recognize letter H along with its sound.

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Girl 2 Number Coloring Fun Worksheet
Honey Bee Number Coloring Fun Worksheet
Solve Food Word search finding herbs and spices
Solve Food Word search finding herbs and spices
Letter Maze Worksheet for letter H
Cutting and Pasting Fun - Hotdog
Cut and Paste Activity Fun with a Hippo
Happy Hippo coloring page
Hen Coloring Page
Letter H picture card worksheet. Use picture clues to link letters and enhance letter memory skills
Letter H picture card worksheets and practice to enhance child letter memory skills
Searching Letter H words in the grid full of letters of words.

Learn and practice alphabet H with the help of reading, pre-writing, writing, and activity worksheets. Learn correct formation of letter H, letter recognition, letter H tracing, letter matching, upper case to lower case, letter H writing, coloring, and much more amazing Kindergarten and PreK letter H worksheets.