Kindergarten Letter A Writing Worksheet

Kindergartners have aced letter tracking, now comes letter writing. Children will begin learning to print letters on lines. Printing letters helps kids in learning letter formation. It is the first step toward learning to write letters. Pre-writing skills are needed before trying any letter formation or other handwriting. These writing worksheets will help the child master the writing strokes of a letter and improve their fine motor skills. An upper case letter uses three lines. The line at the top is the ‘’headline”, in the middle is "midline,” and the bottom is called the "baseline.” Download Letter A writing worksheets and encourage the child to write a letter A properly, forming correct lines.

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Kindergarten Letter Writing in Lines Worksheet - Letter A

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Learn to master writing letter A with a line letter writing worksheet
  1. Download Letter A in a line letter writing worksheet
  2. Get a sharpened pencil.
  3. Write upper case letter A using correct formation by following the written letter.
  4. Letters should rest on the printed line, as shown in the example
  5. Write lower case letters using the correct formation following the letter.
  6. Letters should rest on the printed line as shown in the example
  7. Review all letters are written correctly in the space provided and do not cross the boundary

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