Kindergarten Letter O Writing worksheets

Letter O Activity and Writing worksheet. Find and circle Letter O. Write upper case letter O and lower case letter o in space provided. As kindergarteners master letter tracking, the next step is learning to print letters on lines. Printing letters helps kids in learning letter formation. It is the first step towards learning to write letters. Pre-writing skills are needed before trying any letter formation or other handwriting. Draw a picture starting with Letter O.

Download “Kindergarten Worksheets : Letter O – Writing” Kindergarten-I-KNOW-MY-ABC-Writing-Upper-and-Lower-Case-Letter-Oo.pdf – Downloaded 396 times – 497 KB

Time needed: 40 minutes.

Letter Activity and Writing worksheet

  1. Start the sheet with a Find and circle Letter activity. Find and circle all letters.

  2. Practice Upper case letter writing using three lines as shown with the sample letter formation

  3. Practice lower case letter writing using three lines as shown in the sample letter formation

  4. Think of any picture starting with a letter and draw the same