PreK Letter Picture Card Worksheets

Picture Cards are pure fun. Engage Kindergarteners and Preschoolers to find and recognize letters and words with the help of picture clues. Learning about letters and alphabets is an early step in learning to read terms. Preschoolers first learn to identify letters and alphabets. Kids then learn to recognize the upper case and lower case letters. Learning to recognize letters through activities is easy for kids. Activities like linking pictures that start with the initial letter sound are an excellent task to name each letter and match the letter name with its written form. Children are motivated to recognize both upper and lower case letters. The recognition of letters helps to learn in multiple ways. The children can tell the difference between similar-looking letters. Letters like C/G, M/W, d/b, and p/q are challenging to identify.

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Kids need practice lessons to learn words that start with a particular letter. It helps children to remember the words based on their starting sounds. After recognizing letters, a child learns the formation of the alphabet. The child learns to draw letters using simple lines and curves. In these read-and-draw worksheets, kids can draw a picture with a given alphabet and identify them. Children can further expand their learning with simple household objects like colored matchsticks, pipe cleaners, or clay to create letters. These activities help kids to memorize letter formation.