Boat Join the Dots Numbering Worksheet

Connect the dots Boat Activity and numbering worksheet. A boat is a water craft which is in many types, shapes and sizes. It is generally used to carry cargo or passengers. There are generally three types of boats. Sail boats, Motor boats and human powered boats like canoes and kayaks. Boats have long history and have been used since the beginning of human civilization as key mode of transportation. Start to connect the dots starting with number 1 in the correct number sequence to complete the Boat sketch. Once finished, color the Boat with fancy colors to complete the worksheet. Download Join the Dot activity worksheet, learn number sequence and have fun.


Boat Join the Dots Activity and Numbering Worksheet

Download “join the dots Boat Truck Letter B”

Join-the-dots-Letter-B-Boat-.pdf – Downloaded 448 times – 134.44 KB

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to master number sequence using a Boat Join the dot worksheet 

  1. Get a sharpened pencil or crayon

  2. Start with number 1 and connect the dots in sequence. connect 1 with 2, 2 with 3 till the last number

  3. Complete the Boat drawing and fill with joyful colors