IG word family – Comprehension Worksheet

IG word family reading comprehension worksheet. After learning the sounds of the _ig word family, kids can start learning to read simple stories with _ig words. In this worksheet they will read a short story with _ig rhyming words and then try to answer the questions for the same. They will learn to recognise and recollect the CVC ,CCVC words. The kids will learn to read simple stories with _ig words. They will also learn how to answer simple questions by recollecting the story.

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IG Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Video Tutorial and Instructions Steps

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Learn to reading comprehension with words from IG word family
  1. Download IG  word family worksheet from the above link
  2. Use your forefinger and read entire story.
  3. Read the simple comprehension questions and find the answer from the above passage
  4. Learn IG word family words, find their meanings

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