at word family – cut and paste worksheet

At word family cut and paste worksheet. After learning the sounds of the _at word family, kids can start learning the related activities. In this worksheet, children are encouraged to cut, match, and paste at ending words. Kids also learn to memorize, recognize, and recollect at family CVC words with their particular picture.  Use Cut and Paste Activity worksheets to learn new words and expand vocabulary.

Cut and paste activity worksheet - Kindergarten at word family

Download “Kindergarten Worksheet : at Word family – cut and paste 2”

Word-Family-at-Cut-and-Paste-Activity-Worksheet-2.pdf – Downloaded 1125 times – 527.56 KB

Time needed: 20 minutes

Cut and Paste Activity Worksheet for at Word family

  1. Get a kid scissor and cut the words and pictures using the dotted line

  2. Match the cuttings with the the at words in the worksheet

  3. Paste the cut images and words in the correct box

  4. Say the at word aloud and create a simple sentence using the at word

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