ap word family – find and circle worksheet

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ap word family finds and circle worksheet. After learning the sounds of the _ap word family,  kids can be engaged with new learning activities to master the word family. In this worksheet, they will find ap words and circle them. Engage children with these activity worksheets to practice and learn new words. It will also help them to recollect more words they have already learned from the ap word family. Download the find and circle worksheet lesson to get a head start on mastering ab word family.

Kindergarten ap word family - find and circle worksheet

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Use the Find and Circle Word Family Worksheet for learning word family words 
  1. Get a sharpened pencil or crayon and download the ap word family worksheet from the above link
  2. Write the date and your name in the top row
  3. Check all pictures and circle the pictures with _ap words
  4. Write all ab words below the pictures
  5. Give yourself a star on completing the find and circle ap word family worksheet

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