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Start ap word family exercises with a comprehensive Super Smart worksheet. Super smart worksheets combine reading, writing, and activity lessons. Super Sheets focuses on providing a head start to mastering a one-word family and introducing various learning skills in a single worksheet. Children are encouraged to explore reading, find and circle, drawing, unscramble, and writing skills in one worksheet.  Worksheets help students with word recognition, vocabulary, writing, and spelling skills. Super worksheets have a mini assignment in drawing, reading, and writing. Download the super-smart ap word family worksheet lessons to provide a head start to mastering ap word family.

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ap word family Super Smart Worksheet

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Use the Super Smart Word Family Worksheet for reading and writing activities and learn ab sound words
  1. Get a sharpened pencil or crayon and download the ab word family worksheet from the above link
  2. Write the date and your name in the top row
  3. Find the weather today and circle how it feels today
  4. Start various writing activities to find the words with ab ending sound, circle and write ab words
  5. Finally draw any picture for an object, thing with _ab word
  6. Give yourself a star on completing Super Smart Ab word family worksheet

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