‘And’ Sight Word Workbook

Collection of Sight Words, Sample 1, can be used in many ways for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students. Sight words are essential for a student to master reading skills. Each grade has a different set of sight words, and each set of words helps to build the other. Sight words promote confidence and help in understanding the meaning of a sentence. A child who has mastered the sight words nicely can recognize at least half a sentence.

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  • Summary: Sight Word 'And' Fun Workbook for K and Grade 1 students
  • Format: PDF - Download and Print
  • Number of Pages: 20
  • Level: K and Grade 1
  • Subjects : Reading, Writing, Language Art

Sight Word 'And' Workbook

Video Tutorial and Instructions Steps

Letter Fun Activities Workbook

Collection of 20 amazing worksheets ib Sentence building, Word search, Unscramble, Pocket booklets, Drawing and a surprise certificate

Sight words help promote reading comprehension and help by giving clues to the context of the reading sentence. A student who has mastered sight words can easily decode the meaning of lines written in the paragraph. In this packet, we provide a stage for reading success with a wide variety of sight word worksheets across sentence matching, unscramble, sentence building, drawing and reading.

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