Letter Fun Activities Workbook

Letter fun worksheet packet can be used in many ways for Pre-K and K students. Letter activities are a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills, proper letter formation and improve hand-eye coordination. Additionally, worksheets can be used to support students reading and writing readiness in pre-K or Kindergarten. Worksheets are also well-designed for small group letter work activities.

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  • Summary: Six different Letter fun activities for Pre-K and K students
  • Format: PDF - Download and Print
  • Number of Pages: 8
  • Level: PreK - K
  • Subjects : Reading, Writing, Phonics

Letter Fun Activities Workbook

Video Tutorial and Instructions Steps

Letter Fun Activities Workbook

This bundle has 6 amazing alphabet activities.
  • Alphabet Sorting - Kids will match capital letter to small letter.
  • Alphabet Writing - Kids will learn letter recognition and then trace the capital letters.
  • Alphabet Coloring- Kids will color the letter that matches with the starting sound of the picture.
  • Naming Fun - Kids will color the letters of their name and then learn to write their name on the line.
  • Alphabet Maze - Kids will draw a line connecting the letters through the maze to complete the path.
  • Matching Letter Fun - Kids will match the letters with the starting sound of the animal and then color the pictures.
  • This Letter Fun work package has activities in worksheet form and can be easily printed. This bundle will save teachers and parents time as it includes activities related to early introduction with letters.

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