Letter C Worksheets

Letter C is a consonant that makes a short and quick sound. The letter C usually makes /k/ sound. The sound is made by blowing a quick puff of air from the mouth. Letter C makes /k/ sound as in cat, car. When C is followed by the letter 'e' or 'i', it also represents /s/ sound at times, as in celery. Letter C sometimes gets combined with letter h to make a digraph /ch/ as in chick. Kidzezone Letter C worksheets offer excellent practice for kids to learn and recognize the letter C along with its sound.

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Learn and practice alphabet C with the help of reading, pre-writing, writing, and activity worksheets. Learn correct formation of letter C, letter recognition, letter C tracing, letter matching, upper case to lower case, letter C writing, coloring, and much more amazing Kindergarten and PreK letter C worksheets.