Carriage Join the Dots Numbering Worksheet

Connect the dots Carriage activity and numbering worksheet. A carriage is a four-wheeled vehicle for carrying people or goods and is most commonly horse-drawn. The Carriage was a standard mode for transportation before motor vehicles. In the present day, it is used mainly in public parades by royalty and for traditional formal ceremonies. A chariot and a coach are other popular forms of a carriage. Download Join the Dot activity worksheet and connect the dots starting with number 1 in the correct number sequence to complete the Carriage sketch. Once finished, color as a Royal Carriage. 


Join the Dots Carriage Letter C

Download “Join the dots Carriage Letter C”

Join-the-Dots-Carriage-Letter-C.pdf – Downloaded 528 times – 329.74 KB

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to master number sequence using a Carriage Join the dot worksheet 

  1. Get a sharpened pencil or crayon

  2. Start with number 1 and connect the dots in sequence. connect 1 with 2, 2 with 3 till the last number

  3. Complete the Carriage drawing and fill with joyful colors