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Letter P coloring worksheets to associate letters with everyday objects starting with the alphabet p, e.g., puppet and pomegranate. An early fun-filled reading, writing, and activity worksheet to help preschoolers learn the letter p formation and recognize uppercase and lowercase letters. Letter recognition is a vital preschool activity and allows children to improve concentration and enhance fine motor skills. Coloring also improves visual development skills and helps children express themselves in beautiful ways. Let's learn Letter P.

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Letter P Coloring Fun Activity

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Learn to Letter P using a letter Coloring worksheet
  1. Download the Letter P coloring worksheet from the above link
  2. Use your forefinger to point to the letters as you read.
  3. Recognize the objects, starting with the letters P pomegranate and a puppet.
  4. Bring your favorite Crayon and color uppercase and lowercase letter
  5. Learn more words starting with the letter  P

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