PreK Letter Tracing Worksheets

Learning letters is one of the critical activities for Preschool children. Children start learning letters using many sizes and formats. It all begins by tracing letters using fingers in mud, pulses, rice, or other food items. Kids are creative, using things around us and nature to create notes. Kids are encouraged to start tracing letters using either pencil or crayons on paper. These tracing worksheets will help kids start learning at an early age of three or four. The child starts writing by tracing the most significant letter first and moving to the following smaller format. It is the best way to make children learn letter formation. Download Big font worksheets for tracing big-sized letters.
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Letter-A ()
Letter-B ()
Letter-C ()
Letter-D ()
Letter-P ()
Letter-T ()
Letter-U ()
Letter-X ()
Letter-Z ()
Letter-Y ()
Letter-W ()
Letter-F ()
Letter-S ()
Letter-R ()
Letter-M ()
Letter-N ()
Letter-O ()
Letter-K ()
Letter-J ()
Letter-G ()
Letter-I ()
Letter-E ()
Letter-H ()
Letter-L ()
Letter-Q ()

Download multi sized letter tracing worksheets to help kids practice from large font to smaller sized font. Start with Big font worksheets and move to Multi sized worksheets as child is comfortable with letter recognition.  Multiple worksheets for each letter, download and begin fun with tracing letters from A to Z.