Letter W Tracing and Fun Worksheet

Letter W Tracing and Letter Hunting Worksheet. Learning letter formation and tracing letters is a fun activity for preschool kids. Children start learning letters using many sizes and formats. Most children begin tracing letters using their fingers in mud, pulses, and other food items. Have the kids learn both upper case and lower case letter formation and trace with practice assignments in this worksheet. This letter W tracing worksheet is created to help children recognize letter W, learn words from Letter W, and practice tracing both upper case and lower case fonts. Download and print letter W pre-writing worksheet, follow the instructions and master letter w formation.


Letter W Tracking Worksheet. Learn words with letter W

Download “Letter W Tracing Fun Worksheet”

Letter-W-Tracing-Worksheet.pdf – Downloaded 496 times – 134.08 KB

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to master Letter W formation using letter tracing worksheet

  1. Get a sharpened pencil or crayon

  2. Start by improving letter recognition, find and circle all the letter W

  3. Next, trace letter W in both upper case and lower case format. Repeat the exercise

  4. Name the picture and spell out the word starting with Letter W.