Letter W Worksheets

Letter W is an unreliable letter. It makes the /woo/ sound. The sound is made by bringing the lips together and creating a tight round shape. The words like win, wash, make /woo/ sound. When the letter W is combined with the letter, it makes a voiceless w sound as in whisper, cow. The combination of the/wh/ sound makes the /h/ sound as in word who. Letter W sometimes acts silently as in words two, wrench. These worksheets give kids excellent practice to learn and recognize the letter W along with its sound. Kidzezone Letter W worksheets provide kids a great resource to practice, learn, and recognize the letter W along with its sound.

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Learn and practice alphabet W with the help of reading, pre-writing, writing, and activity worksheets. Learn correct formation of letter W, letter recognition, letter W tracing, letter W matching, upper case to lower case, letter W writing on line, coloring, and much more amazing Preschool and Kindergarten letter W worksheets.